I’ve been in for laser treatments for my under arms and I’m loving it! No need to shave anymore!! Thanks Milan!

Beth N

This is one the best things I have ever done for myself. I don’t have to tweeze before I put on my makeup. It saves me time and I don’t have to worry about embarrassing facial hair. The sessions take less than 10 minutes and they are painless. I’d recommend this to anyone.

Judy K

I have already recommend a friend to make an appointment. I know that I love my outcome so far!

Miranda T

The staff is wonderful and welcoming. I am glad I decided to go with the laser hair removal. I actual started seeing results after my first treatment! Not shaving my legs saves sooo much time as a busy mommy. I just had my 4th treatment….

Lisa R

Milan is amazing! Jen does a great job and is always focused on what she’s doing. Everyone there has a great attitude and is always willing to help you. After just one treatment of laser my hair growth was down significantly!! I love it! So glad I chose Milan! Thanks guys!

Kylie K

I was very anxious going in for my first treatment. I was really afraid that it was going to hurt, to my surprise it didn’t hurt at all! I already see awesome results after one treatment! I can’t wait to go back and finish

Melinda Y

I love Milan! They are always professional and courteous. Very friendly when I call and set appointments or even if I have to reschedule they are very helpful. The entire staff is very knowledgeable on the services I receive. Would definitely recommend.

Melissa P

The laser hair removal results are amazing! I didn’t know what to expect, but after only one or two treatments . . . WOW, much better than I expected.

Lori H

I love getting treatment here! Everyone is awesome and they accommodate my needs every time. I can’t say a bad word about this place and I recommend it to everyone!

Kayla S

Everyone is very nice and friendly. They explain what is going to happen very well and I am alway able to make an appointment that work in my schedule.

Courtney D

I really enjoy the nurses who perform the procedure. They are very friendly and easy to talk to. Even when I am in a very vulnerable position, the are very relaxed and calming. That means so much to me.


All the lovely ladies here have been nothing but polite and helpful. I do enjoy the calm and relaxing atmosphere as well as the services I have been provided. I paid an exceptionally reasonable price for the laser hair removal and have been very happy with the results. Thanks!

Kaitlin H

The staff is so great! Painless. Quick and going back for more and more until I’m free of body hair :-) I will recommend Milan to everyone!

Amanda F

The staff at Milan are very friendly and professional. They’re always checking to make sure your experience is comfortable. The facilities are spa-like which helps put the client at ease.

Stef E

Very friendly associates. Kept me at ease during the procedures. Did not have to wait beyond appt time.

Lee M

She was great nice and took her time to do a great job on my face

Michelle D

These ladies are so good at their job, I’m getting another package… I couldn’t see myself going to any other place….

Nini B

Excellent care! All the staff was very friendly. I would highly recommend them and have to many.

Sara M

Amazing results, professional staff, what else could you ask for?!

Vanessa V

I am very happy with my experience at Milan. I am already noticing results after only 2 sessions. The staff is very nice & professional. I have told my friends about Milan. I am excited that I got in on the half price deal which made it even easier for me to give laser hair removal a try…..:)

Susan K

Very friendly and quick! They get you in and out in no time. Thanks Milan… I can’t wait for the end result!

Amanda S

I thought that the experience was very quick and easy and the staff was very nice.

Libby M

Everyone at Milan is so friendly and professional. Jen is wonderful and very patient with me. :)

Kara G

Love, love, LOVE this place! The staff is amazing, the services are amazing and the results are amazing! I would recommend anyone and everyone go to Milan!


I love this place, they are always so nice. I get in right away and always professional. It’s great service too.

Julie S

The staff is wonderful and very informative. I never feel rushed but I am in and out within 20 minutes! Love this place!

Aimee R

I recommend Milan to all of my friends. They are amazing. It is so nice to never have to shave again!

Judy F

A very clean and comforting facility. The entire staff is very helpful and courtious. Would recommend to anyone seeking treatments milan preforms.

Ashley J

Friendly, helpful group of ladies!

Norma I

I’m so glad i went to Milan, i just love never having to shave my legs again!!! They are so wonderful! Thank you Milan!

Judy F

Excellent as always – Best Med Spa in Omaha.

Jennifer G

Jen is a wonderful nurse there and all of their staff are welcoming, as well as friendly! They are all very professional and do a great job in providing their work! I would highly recommend going here for any asthetic needs!

Jacqulyn R

I have been going to Milan for over 6 months now for laser hair removal; each and every time I go in I am treated with the same amazing customer service. Not only are they always smiling and helpful but they answer any and all your questions and make me feel like they love their job and believe in their products. I can honestly say that I would recommend their services to any of my friends and family.


I am beyond satisfied with everything from Milan. From the customer service to the procedures. I’m receiving the laser hair removal and with only the first treatment saw great reduction in hair growth. It does hurt somewhat, but they inform you prior to the procedure and consistently make sure you’re comfortable during it.


Everyone is so nice and they get you in and out very quickly!

Jessica R

I haven’t begun my hair removal treatments yet, but my consultation with them was far superior to any other medical appts I’ve had. They weren’t just kind, but very empathetic. Very affordable too. Im very excited to begin my treatments and see the results.

Melanie B

Love the atmosphere and professionalism of the staff at Milan. Would defiantly recommend for any type of laser treatment .

Chris C

Not my first appointment at Milan Laser Aesthetics, so I was again very pleased with the services provided; scheduling my appointment and during my procedure. Thanks again to the wonderful staff at Milan Laser.

Claudean P

excellent service- very nice customer service. I would recommend to anyone. I absolutely love the results!

Carri J

You are greeted warmly from the moment you step in. Everyone is friendly and puts you at ease.

Susan M

awesome service and great price.

Dorothy H

All questions were answered and I was comfortable during the entire procedure.

Jordan H

VERY friendly staff. Welcoming and warm. Very patient when answering questions. During the procedure, asked if I was comfortable and did everything possible to make me so. I would love to recommend them to everybody, but unfortunately, because of their prices, very few of my friends and/or family would be interested. I myself got in their door due to a special they ran.

Christy H

I’ve had two underarm treatments, and the process has been easy. The staff is friendly, and I’m already noticing a difference!

Elizabeth N

The staff is always very pleasant and friendly. Highly recommend the facility to all my friends!!

Kerri K

Very nice and they get you in and out in minutes.

Mary S

The staff is one of the friendliest I’ve ever dealt with. They are professional but also down to earth & understanding. They are quick at the front desk and with the procedures. The receptionist even told me happy birthday after my appointment! Those little things make a big difference.

Janie E

The facilities are nice and the staff are very welcoming. The laser they use here is great, and procedures are quick and comfortable. There were also some great discounts!

Frances W

Friendly and fast. So far the results are great!


They are quick and make you comfortable.

Cary R

Great attentiveness to customer needs… thanks for everything. This is going so well.

Cari S

The staff at Milan is always polite. The ladies are great at making me feel comfortable and the services are producing the desired results. I definitely recommend Milan to others for their services!

Nicole D

Very professional and awesome nurses. Love my results.

Courtney C

I am getting better results then I ever thought! I also love how friendly the staff is!


What a great experience! The staff was comfortable, yet professional.

Krista L

Thank you all for your flexibility in adjusting my schedule as needed :)

Cari S

I have been very pleased with my entire experience with Milan. I had started services elsewhere with minimal results. Laser hair removal was money very well spent. Thanks!

Jessica D

This med spa staff is always professional, courteous and kind. My experiences here have always been positive.

Rita S

Friendly, helpful, I’ve done laser hair removal elsewhere and this place is a million times better. Better/more high tech equipment too!


I’ve had 3 treatments for hair removal on my upper lip and underarms. I haven’t seen any hair in either area for about a month. I have not had to shave my underarms for over a month and a half now. Very nice! They are professional, quick, and thorough.


I can’t say enough about Milan Laser Aesthetics. All the staff was so friendly and welcoming, and I was impressed with their lifetime touch ups guarantee option. I’ve been to many different places for laser hair removal, and this is the fir…

Liz G

Very personable. They walk you step by step through the process. I have PCOS and have gone to Milan for a couple years and highly recommend to anyone needing or wanting laser hair removal. Great staff!


Staff were kind and explained the treatment thoroughly.

Nandi B

My first visit to Milan was very enjoyable. All the staff was very friendly and informative. We will have to see how well the Hair Removal does in the long run, but my experience so far was good.

Matt O

The customer service is great, I will be going in for my first treatment in a month and update with my experience.

Kelli R

I received laser hair removal. Even though I needed the additional 3 sessions on top if my original 3 sessions, I am amazed at the wonderful results. I would definitely recommend Milan to anyone seeking this procedure!

Marnie B

All the staff at Milan were friendly and very helpful. Generous with their time and smiles. The Botox I had done was professionally administered and even tho I know that there won’t be full results for a week; I swear I do feel a difference…

Kathy S

I usually do not make comments about my sessions, but that mademoiselle who did my session last time done a great job. She was also very nice. Thanks.

Bret G

Your staff is always courteous and friendly. I have been a patient for many years and love what you have done for my skin and face.


I love this salon! Everyone is kind, personable, and professional! Great attitudes and amazing service keep me going back, if you need any type of cosmetic care this is the place to go!

Silvia P